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Monday, November 16, 2020

Doctors warn, smog can damage eyes

Winter gives us relief from hot and sweaty days, but it also exacerbates health problems, especially for our eyes, as the cool and cool weather makes the pollution of air heavy. 
And the matter of concern is that every year the severity of smog is increasing in the capital Delhi and surrounding areas. People are having a lot of trouble with smog, not only this, smog is also very harmful for the eyes. There is no denying that the air we breathe is flowing with a layer of toxic pollutants and unpleasant gases. Some studies on air pollution have shown that the air quality in NCR is as bad as drinking 40-50 cigarettes a day. This extreme level of air pollution, as a 'smog', is not only affecting our respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but it is also damaging our eyes.

People who go for a walk during the morning have started seeing problems in their eyes. According to the eye doctors, a morning walk should be avoided because small particles of pollutants in the air and poisonous gases are causing problems like irritation, redness and water in the eyes.

Dr. AK Singh of the eyes located in Malviya Nagar, Delhi said, 'The eyes start burning due to the smog. There is redness in the eyes. Visibility also starts to appear, due to which there is a problem in running the laptop and the phone. To avoid such problem, keep washing the eyes in a time interval. If you cannot wash again and again, then after coming from outside, add water to your eyes.

Dr. Shantanu Mukherjee of Sharp Sight Eye Hospital told IANS, "This is just the beginning, the air quality is going to deteriorate after Diwali. The stubble fires, burning of leaves, and garbage piles by the farmers as well as non "By supporting pollution from toxic poisonous vehicles, Delhi's dangerous air quality will deteriorate further."

"The health effects of these pollutants can range from asthma to cancer, stroke and Alzheimer's disease, but it can also have serious effects on our eyes," he said. In fact, children are having more trouble due to smog. Watery eyes, redness of eyes, burning or itching and dry eyes, etc. are the problem.

Dr. Parul Sharma of Max Hospital in Gurgaon told IANS, "The problem of dryness, allergies and infection has increased in the recent or recent days. To avoid this, keep washing the eyes with RO water. Get out there Surely wearing glasses, reduce the use of people who put lenses in their eyes. People are currently giving more time on screens like laptops etc. due to which problems are also being faced. "

Doctors say that such problems have increased in pollution. While using the screen, keep your eyes closed for 10 seconds after 10 minutes. This will benefit the eyes. According to eye doctors, do not rub them in the event of eye irritation or redness. To prevent any further infection, wash your eyes with cold water. At the same time, drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Wear UV protected sunglasses when you step outside. Also avoid contact lenses and eye makeup if itching or redness in the eyes.

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