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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Change Google's 3 privacy settings immediately, the risk of online data theft will be reduced

Google Privacy Setting: If you also want to maintain your privacy or want to protect your data from being stolen, then this information is for you. Here, know what three privacy settings you can do on your Google account which can reduce the risk of your data being stolen.

Nowadays everyone loves their privacy. For this, people keep on doing some privacy settings. But here we will tell you about three such settings, after doing which you will be able to live a peaceful life. After this, you will not be at risk of data theft. But how will you do this? To know this, read the process of these three settings below.

Do this setting on Google

First of all, go to Google Chrome on your smartphone. After this, click on the setting option shown here. After doing this, the option of privacy security will be shown. Click on the option of privacy security. Now scroll down here and go to the option of safe browsing. Now go to the option of enhanced protection and select it. This will prevent you from visiting any website that is dangerous for the data. With this setting, you will not be redirected to any website that is not safe for the data.

Use Secure DNS

For the second setting among the three settings, you will have to go to Chrome. After this, click on Settings. Here, below, you will see the option of USE SECURE DNS, go to this option. In this, click on the option of Customize. Many options will be shown, from which you can select either Google or Cloud. Both Google and Cloud are considered safe for users.

Site Suggested Ads

Apart from the above mentioned two settings, you can also stop the ads that appear again and again without any reason. For this, you will have to go to the Ads Privacy option in the Settings option. After this, you will have to enable Site Suggested Ads. After this, whatever you search on Google, the ads related to that will not be shown again and again.

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