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Friday, January 26, 2024

Google Maps will show the way even without internet, do you know this trick?

Tips and Tricks:
You may be going to a location where there may be no network, in such a situation how will you use Google Maps to reach your destination? Today we are going to tell you a secret trick with the help of which you will be able to use Google Maps even without internet.

If you also take help of Google's navigation app Google Maps to reach your destination through unknown routes, then you must be aware that it is not possible to use maps without internet. But you might not know that there is a secret feature hidden in Google Maps itself with the help of which maps can help you in showing the right path even without internet.

If the network goes down midway while driving or if there is any problem in the network, then just think for yourself that how will Google Maps show you the right path without internet? To avoid this kind of problem, there are some important things which you should do in advance.

Offline Maps feature is available in Google Maps, the most special thing about this feature is that this feature works even without internet. How to use this feature? Let us know.

How to use Google Maps without Internet

First of all, open the Google Maps app in the phone. After opening the app, tap on the profile picture icon on the top right side.

After tapping on the profile picture icon, many options will open. Here you will see the option of Offline Maps.

After tapping on the offline maps option, you will find the option 'Select Your Own Map' written on the screen. After this option, you will have to put the area in the box for which you want to download the map offline.

On the screen you will get the option for download, one thing to be noted here is that it is written on the screen that Google Maps will need free space for download. After downloading the maps, whether you are on the network or not, you will be able to use Google Maps with the help of this feature even without internet.

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