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Friday, November 3, 2023

Workout Tips: To stay fit, which time is better to workout, morning or evening?

Workout keeps you healthy both physically and mentally. Most people do not have enough time to exercise and hence they exercise as per their convenience. So let us know at what time working out in the morning or evening can be more beneficial.

Workout Tips: If you want to stay healthy, start working out every day. You must have heard similar things many times. Some people are more fitness freaks and to maintain themselves, they follow diet plans along with workouts. Some people like to exercise during the day while others do gymming in the evening. But do you know when to workout to stay fit?

In this regard, we also tried to know from experts at what time working out can be more beneficial. Regarding this, Fitelo's co-founder and CEO Mahakdeep Singh says that doing workout in the morning or evening depends on the schedule of different people. Depends on their energy and lifestyle.

morning workout

Morning workout boosts metabolism and also improves mood. Along with this, the quality of sleep also improves. Mahakdeep says that one should listen to the signals of the body to take right decisions for one's health and lifestyle.

evening workout

Evening workout improves performance and also gives strength to the body. By doing evening workout, a person becomes stress free and gets a chance to get relief from the challenges of the day. Evening workout can be more beneficial for those who focus more on strength and flexibility.

workout at home

Mahakdeep says that due to closure of gyms and fitness activities during Covid, people have developed the habit of working out at home. According to Fitelo's survey 'State of Your Plate', most people prefer light exercise at home (46%) or walking (55%). At the same time, 58% women do yoga, Zumba and dance. Apart from this, 45 percent men like going to the gym, running and jogging. Mahakdeep says that it is important to encourage people to maintain a consistent workout routine regardless of time, as this is important for long-term fitness goals.

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