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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Women Health: Drinking cold drinks during pregnancy can be dangerous for both mother and child! Know these things

During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in women, there are mood swings and cravings to eat different things, like sweet and sour, but it is important to be careful in this phase. Drinking cold drinks at this time can be harmful not only for the mother's health but also for the baby's.

During pregnancy, it is very important for women to take care of every little thing, from food to routine. This 9 month phase is very delicate. Many hormonal changes occur within every woman during pregnancy period and due to this, changes in eating habits are also seen during this period. Many times one feels the craving to eat different types of things, but during this time it is very important to stay away from unhealthy things. Drinking packed fruit juice and cold drinks during pregnancy can be harmful for both mother and child.

For a stress-free pregnancy and healthy delivery, it is very important to eat balanced and healthy food and avoid unhealthy food. If you drink cold drinks during the pregnancy phase, it can harm your health as well as the fetus. Let us know what the doctors say about this.

what do doctors say

Doctor Manali of Delhi's AIIMS says that the amount of sugar in cold drinks is very high, besides saccharin (a type of compound which is used for sweetness in cold drinks and packed juices) is also added to it, which is harmful for women and The child can be dangerous for both.

How many cold drinks can you drink?

Doctor Manali says that one should avoid drinking cold drinks during pregnancy, but if there is excessive craving, then cold drinks can be drunk once or twice in two-three months and that too in very small quantities. If you take more cold drinks than this, it can cause harm.

Risk of side effects

Many types of preservatives are used in cold drinks for flavor and color, which is not good for the health of normal people. At the same time, it can be even more harmful during pregnancy. This can increase many health risks, such as allergies, weight gain, high glucose levels in the blood etc. Therefore, avoid cold drinks for a healthy pregnancy.

Check the ingredients before drinking

If you are taking cold drink or any packed soft drink during pregnancy, then read the ingredients written on the packet carefully, because some of the things contained in it can be very harsh for both the mother and the child. . To satisfy your cold drink cravings, you can choose some healthy options. Like buttermilk, coconut water, lemonade, vegetable soup etc.

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