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Monday, November 6, 2023

Woman celebrates divorce, throws party, then spends Rs 4 lakh on friends

Larissa Sumpani is a Brazilian model, who is in the news these days. She divorced her husband in just 6 months and to celebrate this, she also organized a big party on which lakhs of rupees were spent like water.

It is very important to have love and trust in the relationship between husband and wife. Without this this relationship cannot last long. You must have seen that often married couples separate from each other for some reason or the other and get divorced. This has become a common thing these days, but it does cause problems. It certainly hurts when someone with whom you spent a good time separates, but there are some people in the world who become happy when they get divorced. There is a similar woman in Brazil too, who was so happy when she got divorced that she threw a big party and spent lakhs of rupees.

The name of this woman is Larissa Sumpani . She is a model by profession and is very active on social media. She often shares different types of pictures, videos on Instagram and also tells stories related to her life. Recently he had shared some pictures and told that he has got divorced.

Divorced within 6 months

According to the report of Daily Star, Larissa was married for only 6 months, but she divorced him. He told that they were together for the last three years. The surprising thing is that Larissa is very happy with her divorce and that is why she had organized a 'divorce party' to celebrate it, in which she had invited her friends. Everyone together enjoyed a lot in this divorce party. Just like a cake is cut at a birthday party, in the same way Larissa cut her divorce cake, on which 'Newly Divorced' was also written. It is being told that Larisa spent around Rs 4 lakh on the party.

The reason for divorce is very strange

According to reports, 24 year old Larissa has also given the reason for her divorce. She told that she likes boys as well as girls, but her husband did not agree that she should have a relationship with anyone other than him. The only thing was that Larisa divorced her husband. Now she is feeling free.

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