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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Whoever wins the World Cup final, Hotstar will not lose, will get Rs 30 lakh for a 10 second ad!


Disney Hotstar does not want to leave any opportunity to earn maximum money in the remaining knockout matches of the World Cup. Disney Hotstar is going to sell its unsold ad slots for the knockout and final matches at Rs 30 lakh per 10 seconds. Earlier, this price for India's matches was Rs 22 lakh and for other matches it was Rs 10 lakh. According to the report of ET, due to the unbeatable performance of the Indian cricket team, the possibilities of growth of Disney Star's business have further increased.

This work will not be easy for the hot star

According to the report of ET, selling advertising slots at high rates will not be easy at all for the hot star. There would be very few people who would buy such an expensive slot. According to experts, selling inventory at high rates will be quite challenging for Hotstar. According to experts, the budget set by most of the advertisers for the Cricket World Cup 2023 has already been exhausted.

Mediabrands Chief Investment Officer Hema Malik said in a statement to ET that Disney Star has some remaining inventory for the knockout matches and finals. They are expecting Rs 30 lakh per 10 seconds. For better media presence, advertisers will have to invest at least Rs 3-4 crore, which is equivalent to the cost of running an ad campaign of 3 to 4 weeks on a general entertainment channel. He further said that some customers can buy advertising spots for Rs 30 lakh for a 10-second slot. Hema Malik said that most of the big advertisers who wanted to take advantage of this mega event had already participated in the World Cup.

What was the deal earlier?

Before the tournament began, Disney Star wanted to earn Rs 31 lakh per 10-second advertising slot for India matches and knockout matches. However, negotiations took place and a deal was finalized at an average of Rs 22-25 lakh per 10 seconds for India's matches and Rs 9-10 lakh for the entire World Cup 2023. Disney Star is telecasting Cricket World Cup matches on Star Sports channels in multiple languages ​​including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. The first semi-final match was played between India and New Zealand on Wednesday, 15 November. The second semi-final, between Australia and South Africa, will be played on Thursday, November 16 at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata. India has already reached the final of the Cricket World Cup by defeating New Zealand by 70 runs.

Shares continue to rise

On Wednesday, 5.3 crore people watched the India-New Zealand match on Hotstar, which is a record. Before that, in the match played between India and South Africa on November 5, 4.4 crore people watched the match on Hotstar. Due to continuous increase in record viewership, an increase in Disney's shares was also seen. On Wednesday, the company's shares saw a rise of 3.14 percent in the New York Stock Exchange and reached around $94. Ever since the World Cup started in India, Disney's shares have seen a rise of about 20 percent. On Wednesday, an increase of more than 5 billion dollars was seen in the market cap of the company.

Disney had bought the rights from ICC for 3 billion

ICC had bought the rights for $3 billion to broadcast in India till the year 2027. If it is converted into Indian Rupees then it is more than Rs 24 thousand crores. Whereas for the last 8 years, Star Sports had bought the rights for 2 billion dollars. On the other hand, the value of media rights of Indian Premier League (IPL) from 2023-2027 is approximately $6 billion. This time the television broadcaster is Disney Hotster, while the digital rights were given to Viacom18. Hotstar has a 49 percent stake in Paar Deal and Viacom18 has a 51 percent stake. Hotstar has spent Rs 23,575 crore and Viacom18 has spent Rs 23,758 crore.

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