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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

This woman is a truck driver, her beauty is such that people can't take their eyes off her face!


There are some jobs which are generally considered suitable for men, such as the work of an electrician or a truck driver. Although you must have seen that these jobs are mostly done by men, but now women are also seen doing such jobs, especially in foreign countries. She is also working to repair electrical faults and is also driving a truck. One such woman is Nicole, a resident of Britain, who is a truck driver. When she goes out on the streets with a truck, people just keep staring at her. She is considered one of the most beautiful truck drivers in the world.

Obviously, when a person thinks of doing something different, people make fun of him, so something similar happened with Nicole. When he thought of making a career as a truck driver, people made fun of him, but instead of paying attention to what people said, he thought more about his career and set out to drive a truck. According to the report of Daily Star, Nicole was earlier in the army and she has left the army and chosen truck driving as her career.

Worked in the army for 7 years

According to reports, 29-year-old Nicole joined the army at the age of just 16, where she served the country as a soldier for about 7 years. After that he decided to do something different and started driving trucks. Initially he worked only as a truck driver for others, but now he has bought his own truck. Now Nicole is a truck driver and also a truck owner.

She also earns money by selling hot photos.

Although truck driving is not Nicole's only source of income, she also sells her hot pictures on OnlyFans. Although she says that she does not want to do this work forever, rather she wants to run her own transport company and for this she is raising money. Her boyfriend Ben is also supporting her in this work, who is also a truck driver.

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