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Friday, November 17, 2023

Termite Hacks: These 3 easy hacks will get rid of termites in the house


Termite Hacks: Even after cleaning the house a lot, some dirt remains in the house. Many times small insects cause huge damage in the house. One of the biggest problems is termites. Termites in wood cause complete destruction. The problem of termites becomes more severe during the rainy season. To get rid of this, many people get pest control done in their house. Today we are going to tell you some tips to get rid of termites. Let us know.

Sometimes a small thing kept in the house is the solution to your big problem. Clove is like that. A small clove kept in the house can solve your termite problems. You have to take clove oil and a cup of water. Put both of these in a spray bottle. Spray it at the place where termites are found continuously for 3-4 days. This will remove termites.

You can also eliminate termites by using wet cardboard. You have to wet the cardboard and apply it on the termite affected area and this will bring out all the insects and spray insecticide spray on them. This happens because cardboard contains cellulose.

Put 8 cloves of garlic and neem leaves in water. Now fill this water in a spray bottle and spray this water on the termite affected area. By doing this termites will be eliminated.

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