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Friday, November 17, 2023

Shake hands, smiled, then said dictator… Is Biden-Jinping meeting the beginning of a new cold war?


America's San Francisco on Thursday witnessed the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. This meeting, which lasted for four hours, was considered very important amid the increasing tension between the two countries. After a year, when both the leaders came on one stage, the eyes of the whole world were on them. Many issues were discussed between the two leaders in the meeting. Consensus was reached on many of these and assurance of positive talks was given on many others.

The meeting between US President Joe Biden and Jinping took place in Filoli State. Here both the leaders met each other, smiled and talked to each other while strolling in the middle of the garden. The results of the meeting are said to be favourable, according to sources, America and China have agreed to restore high-level military communications with each other. Biden said that sometimes there are misunderstandings, so we have returned to direct, open and clear communication. However, the two heads of state seemed to disagree with each other on many issues including Taiwan and Hong Kong. The limit was reached when Biden called Jinping a dictator.

Biden-Jinping will talk to each other directly on the phone

In the talks between the two countries, it was agreed that the leaders of both the countries will talk to each other on phone whenever they want, the lines of communication will remain open. US President Biden and China's President Jinping reached an agreement on cooperation in combating the supply of fentanyl, a leading cause of drug overdoses in the US. Artificial Intelligence was also discussed in the conversation. The statement issued by the White House said that the leaders of both the countries agreed to develop security systems between the US and China governments to address the risks of advanced AI systems.

Biden reminded his birthday

After the meeting between the two leaders, Xi Jinping said - The earth is big enough for the success of both countries, we hope that there will be responsible competition between America and China, it will be done in such a way that conflicts between the two countries, There should not be a situation of conflict or cold war. There were also light moments in the conversation between the two when Biden reminded Xi of his wife Peng Liyuan's birthday. He said that it is my birthday also on the same day. On this, Jinping said that I was busy with work, that is why I missed the date. After this, Jinping thanked Biden for reminding him of his wife's birthday.

Stuck issue on Taiwan-Hong Kong

However, everything was not well in this meeting, because when Biden raised the issue of human rights violations in Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Jinping did not seem to agree. Biden said that it seems that the people there have been detained, Jinping did not react to this. When the issue of Taiwan came up, Jinping prominently said that America should stop giving arms to Taiwan.

Biden called Jinping Hitler

Biden's comments immediately after the meeting made it clear that everything is not well between America and China. In fact, after the meeting, when Biden was asked whether he still considered Jinping a dictator, Biden said that yes he is. Jinping is running the government in a country which is communist, in this context he is a dictator. The form of our government and that of China is very different. China's Foreign Ministry has expressed objection to this statement of Biden.

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