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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Send 150 movies in one second… America left behind, know how China launched the world's fastest internet

 Leaving America behind, China has launched the world's fastest internet. It works so fast that 150 HD movies can be transferred in one second. The speed of 1.2 terabyte per second is available in China. After this achievement, downloading that takes minutes can be done in a matter of seconds. There was discussion that it would be difficult to have the fastest internet in the world before 2025, but China has surprised the world by launching it ahead of time.

The world's fastest internet in China has been jointly created by Tsinghua University, China Mobile, Huawei Technology and Cernet Corporation. In such a situation, the question is, how did China do the work which countries like America and Russia could not do?

How did China do what the world could not do?

China's 10 years of hard work is behind launching the fastest internet. China had started the project to strengthen the technology in the future. The new achievement is an important part of China's future internet technology infrastructure. This is a new form of China Education and Research Network. This is China's largest educational and research computer network. This network is spread through China's 3 thousand kilometer long optical fiber.

This network is also called the backbone network of China because it strengthens connectivity by covering three parts. This includes Beijing in the North, Wuhan in the Central and Guangzhou in the South. At these three places, data can be transferred at a speed of 1.2 Tb in 1 second.

Now let us understand how China did this. China had started planning many years ago to achieve success in technology. Here the dependence on America and Japan for making components related to internet technology was gradually reduced. He started making indigenous components.

Not only this, whatever software and hardware has been used to make the internet faster, China is making it itself. This includes everything from routers, switches to optical fiber connections.

Now what next?

China has not stopped here, now there are preparations to increase the speed even more. The team associated with this project is trying to further increase the speed of data transmission by connecting multiple optical paths together.

In matters related to technology, China now wants to completely eliminate dependence. The latest, fastest internet is an example of this. China is now preparing to increase its dominance not only in the field of technology but also in space. Dragon wants to double the size of its space station. Many scientists have started working for this. Apart from this, there are preparations to launch many missions here.

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