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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Mars will disappear in three days, know why NASA is ending all contacts with the red planet

NASA is ending all its contacts with Mars, because this planet is about to disappear. Don't be surprised, this is not happening forever. It is disappearing from the earth only for two weeks. This is happening due to an astronomical event. Mars will remain missing from the solar system not for one but two weeks.

Mars has always been a mine of mysteries. NASA has been hoping for life here for the last two decades. The instruments of the American Space Agency have been working continuously for many years on the planet's surface and in orbit. Thanks to these instruments, NASA collects new information about the planet Mars, but now it is about to be put to rest. Now NASA is ending contact with the instruments investigating the mysteries of Mars, that is because Mars is about to 'disappear'. This is going to happen in the next three days only.

You might be shocked by the news of the disappearance of MARS i.e. Mars, in fact it is not going to disappear completely, but only for two weeks. This astronomical event will happen due to solar conjunction. This will cause a blackout between Earth and Mars for about two weeks. That means Mars will almost 'disappear' for Earth. Let us understand how.

what is solar conjunction

Solar conjunction occurs every year in the solar system, this is the time when the Sun is between Mars and the Earth, due to this an astronomical line is drawn between the two planets, due to which Mars is visible for the Earth and Mars is visible for the Earth. The earth disappears. According to a NASA report, this solar conjunction is scheduled from November 11 to November 25. It happens once every two years, during which the space agency's connection to Mars or any communication equipment in its orbit is disrupted. .

So why is NASA breaking contact with the instruments?

During solar conjunction, there is an astronomical line between the Earth and Mars, this makes it difficult to establish communication between the two, sometimes the data also disappears, in such a situation, to save the scientific data of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They stop communication for a certain time, although the equipment on Mars will continue to work. NASA scientists will give them such commands even before the solar conjunction, so that they can store the data and send it to NASA after the solar conjunction is over. Meanwhile these devices work in autopilot mode.

India will soon send Mangalyaan-2

NASA is continuously working on Mars to find the possibility of life on Mars. Apart from this, a spacecraft of UAE and China is also gathering information about Mars, now India is going to become the fourth country in this list. ISRO scientists have started work on Mangalyaan-2, which will be a Mars Orbiter Mission which will collect information about the atmosphere and environment of Mars from its orbit. This is India's second Mars mission, before this India had launched Mangalyaan in 2014 and it had gone to the orbit of Mars.

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