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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Health Tips: These diseases will stay away in winter, start drinking this tea daily

Jaggery Tea: Health experts say that if jaggery tea is drunk during the winter season, it can be very beneficial for health. However, some people drink tea by adding sugar or stevia, this can cause great harm to our health.

Jaggery Tea: Drinking hot tea in winter season has its own pleasure. Most people drink tea to keep their body warm during the winter season. Along with milk and water, if the amount of spices in tea is right and if it is cooked properly, it will prove to be very beneficial for health. Some people add sugar or stevia to tea. But drinking tea with jaggery instead of sugar in winter provides many health benefits.

Anyway, jaggery is considered very beneficial for health. If you drink tea with jaggery, it provides many benefits to our health. Let us know what are the benefits of jaggery tea in the winter season.


Digestion of most people is weak during winter time. In this season our digestive system works slowly. Due to which problems like constipation and flatulence can occur. In such a situation, you should start drinking tea with jaggery daily during the winter season. This boosts digestion.

get energy

Jaggery works to provide instant energy to the body. It removes laziness from the body and also keeps it active. Whenever you feel feverish in winter, drinking tea with jaggery provides relief.


Perhaps you will be surprised to know that jaggery tea can also reduce the risk of anemia. When hemoglobin is not produced in sufficient quantity in our body, symptoms like anemia start appearing in the body. These may be symptoms of anemia. To get relief from these symptoms, drink tea with jaggery.

stomach loss

Jaggery tea can also be very beneficial for weight loss. While there is a fear of weight gain by drinking tea with sugar, drinking tea mixed with jaggery increases your metabolism and reduces weight.

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