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Friday, November 17, 2023

Hamas called Israel's claim a white lie, said- We have no place in Shifa Hospital

Israeli forces have surrounded Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital for the past several days. It is claimed that Hamas operates from the basement of this hospital. Hamas has denied this. The Palestine Authority has given permission for inspection of the hospital but the hospital has not been officially investigated. Meanwhile, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that he has intelligence input.

The heat of the Israeli strike on Gaza has reached the hospitals. Al-Shifa Hospital is being discussed all over the world. This is the biggest hospital in the city. Hundreds of patients are undergoing treatment here. Due to the bombing, a large number of people have taken shelter in the hospital premises. Israel claims that Hamas has a command center here. Hamas denied this and called the claims baseless and false. The organization accused Israel of creating a false atmosphere, fabricating stories and spreading fake news about the hospital.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed in an interview with an American media channel that Hamas was also keeping people taken hostage from Israel in the hospital. He did not provide any evidence for this but said that “this is also a reason to enter the hospital.” Every day, the Israeli Army shares videos on social media of different places and hospitals in Gaza, which they call the alleged hideouts of Hamas. Israel is also being accused of spreading propaganda for this.

Hospital not inspected, Israeli army surrounded it

America claims that it has intercepted some such phone calls, which show that the hospital was being used for Hamas operations. According to a CNN report, America has made this claim on the basis of intelligence input. However, the Ministry of Health, which works under the Palestine Authority, has given international organizations permission to inspect the hospital dozens of times. Despite this, no official inspection of the hospital has been done yet. Meanwhile, the Israeli army has surrounded the hospital and air strikes are continuing around the hospital.

Al-Shifa Hospital under the shadow of Israeli attack

PM Benjamin Netanyahu says that at present Israel has a two-point planning – one to destroy Hamas and the other to bring back the hostages. He said he had all the input about the hostages but said it would be better to say less. Israel and America have been continuously claiming that Hamas is using hospitals. Many medical infrastructures have been attacked in the past. Hundreds of Palestinians were killed in the attack on Al-Ahli hospital. However, Israel denied this attack. Now Al-Shifa hospital is under attack. Doctors and staff of the hospital have been warned to vacate the premises.

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