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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Ethics Committee sent report recommending expulsion of Mahua Moitra from Lok Sabha

The Ethics Committee has recommended the expulsion of Mahua Moitra from the membership of Parliament, now a meeting in this regard is to be held on Thursday, in which it will be decided whether the recommendation of the Ethics Committee will be accepted or not, it is believed that in this case The opposition can adopt a different stance.

The Ethics Committee investigating the case of TMC Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra, who is surrounded by allegations of taking money and asking questions in Parliament, has recommended her expulsion from Parliament membership. The committee has also recommended a lawful, intensive, institutional and time-bound investigation into the matter by the Government of India. This report has been sent to all the members. Now there will be a meeting on Thursday at 4 pm, in which it will be decided whether the committee can adopt or accept the report of the Ethics Committee or not.

The threat to Mahua Moitra's Parliament membership has increased, although a decision on this will be taken in a meeting held on Thursday evening. It is believed that the stance of the Parliament members may be different on this recommendation. According to sources, the MPs of the opposition parties in the committee may issue a letter of disagreement on the report of the Ethics Committee. Members of opposition parties can also demand voting on whether that report should be accepted or not.

Recommendation for action on Mahua

According to the information, the Ethics Committee in its 500-page report has recommended expulsion of Mahua Moitra from membership. It is believed that despite the disagreement of the opposition parties, the committee has recommended serious action to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. This may be approved in Thursday's meeting. Apart from this, the committee condemned the behavior of Danish Ali for provoking public sentiments and hurting the self-respect of the Chairman and other members. There are a total of 15 members in the Ethics Committee. In which there are 7 members from BJP, 3 from Congress and one member each from BSP, Shiv Sena, YSR Congress Party, CPM and JDU.

Mahua presented her side in the last meeting

Last November 2, a meeting of the Ethics Committee was held, in which Mahua Moitra presented her side. After that, when Chairman Vinod Sonkar and other members of the committee answered questions from Mahua Moitra, along with Mahua Moitra, Danish Ali also used unparliamentary words against the Chairman of the committee.

Mahua Moitra has been accused of taking bribe from Mumbai businessman Darshan Hiranandani and targeting Adani Group and PM Modi inside the House. This allegation was made against Mahua by BJP MP Nishikant Dubey.

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