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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Connaught Place's smog tower started after Supreme Court's rebuke on pollution

After the rebuke of the Supreme Court, the smog tower of Connaught Place was started once again, this tower was closed for the last several days. This tower was constructed in 2021 after the order of the Supreme Court. After getting information about its closure, on Tuesday the Supreme Court had reprimanded those responsible for this.

After the Supreme Court's strict stance on the problem of ever-increasing air pollution in Delhi, central and state agencies have come into action. After the harsh remarks made by the court regarding the smog tower, the tower located at Connaught Place has been restarted. This smog tower was constructed in the year 2021 only on the orders of the apex court.

The air quality in Delhi continues to remain in the severe category, due to which the capital has turned into a gas chamber. People are having difficulty breathing due to poisonous air. The Air Quality Index of Delhi continues to be in the serious category. Especially the situation in Anand Bihar is the worst. The air quality index here continuously remains more than 600. On Wednesday, Delhi's average AQI was recorded at 395 while Anand Vihar's AQI was more than 610. The smog tower of Connaught Place, which was started after the rebuke of the Supreme Court, was constructed in 2021 on the orders of the Supreme Court, but it was lying closed for a long time. When the Supreme Court reprimanded it on Tuesday, it was started on Wednesday.

The condition of Anand Vihar is the worst.

Smog tower has been installed in Anand Vihar area by CPCB, which is responsible for cleaning the poisonous air of the area, but Anand Vihar is the area of ​​Delhi which suffers the most pollution. The overall pollution level of PM 10 in Delhi today was recorded at around 395. The pollution level in Anand Vihar area was PM 612. The pollution level in Anand Vihar area is in a very bad condition and this is when the smog tower is working here. The question arises that when these smog towers installed at a cost of about Rs 24 crore are not able to improve the surrounding air, then what will happen to the whole of Delhi.

Smog towers clean poisonous air

The smog tower built by the Central Pollution Control Board (BCB) in Anand Vihar is working continuously. This smog tower can filter approximately 1000 cubic meters of air per second and stands at a height of approximately 24 meters. There are about ten thousand filters installed in this smog tower, which clean the poisonous air. First, air is drawn from the top, cleaned through filters, and released into the ground through 40 fans installed along the base. At present, the smog tower in Anand Vihar area of ​​Delhi is not only working to purify the poisonous air, water is also being sprinkled through sprinklers in the entire area, which will reduce air pollution.

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