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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Beauty Tips: Due to these mistakes made while doing makeup, the whole look gets spoiled.

If you are worried that you do not get a perfect look even after applying expensive makeup products, then there may be some mistakes behind this while buying and applying makeup. So let us know what things can be kept in mind to make perfect makeup.

Girls generally like to do makeup very much. It is also said that girls have a different attachment to jewelery as well as to decorative items. Girls buy expensive makeup products, but sometimes despite this they do not get good results and the look gets spoiled. For this reason, many times thousands of rupees are spent in parlors to enhance the look on any special occasion. However, if some things are kept in mind while doing makeup along with the quality of the product, then a perfect look can be achieved.

In fact, some small common mistakes made while doing makeup can also spoil your look. So let us know due to which mistake during makeup you are not able to get a flawless and perfect look. Also, even if you are a beginner, these tips will be useful for you.

not applying moisturizer

Girls often make the mistake of not applying moisturizer on their face before doing makeup, because they think that it will make the face oily or there is no need to moisturize the skin. Let us tell you that by applying moisturizer on the face, the makeup base blends well and this helps in making the look flawless.

Making a mistake in choosing foundation

Foundation is the base of makeup. Along with choosing a good quality foundation, you have to ensure that it matches your skin tone. If you choose light color for dark skin then it becomes very visible on the face. If you choose dark foundation for fair skin, then the look starts looking dull.

blending method

Do not make the mistake of rubbing the beauty blender on the face while blending the makeup. Due to this, the base will not blend properly and patches will appear on the face. For this you can adopt a trick. Wet the beauty blender, squeeze it well and dry it slightly. Just keep in mind that there is some moisture left in the blender. After this, blend the makeup by taping.

Reasons why makeup becomes cakey

While applying makeup base, blend it well in one go and do not apply layers again. If you make this mistake, your makeup may crack after some time and because of this your entire look may look strange.

Right lipstick shade will give perfect look

Lipstick gives a complete finish to the entire look. Therefore, it is very important that you apply lipstick in the right way with the right shade. If your lipstick is not glossy and your lips are dry then first apply moisturizer and after a few minutes apply lipstick.

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