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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Who was Razia Sultan? Who ruled Delhi Sultanate for 4 years

Razia Sultan ruled Delhi for 4 years. She was the first female ruler of India. He was born in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh on 15 October 1205. He ruled Delhi from 1236 to 1240. His father gave him weapons training at an early age. Let us know about them.

Razia Sultan was born in the year 1205 on 15 October in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. She was brave. Took training in using weapons. Conservatism did not wander around him either. She herself never wears hijab. Even when she got the responsibility of Delhi Sultanate, she used to reach the court with an open face. She did not wear a niqab even during wars. She understood the importance of education, so when she got the opportunity to rule the Delhi Sultanate, she built schools and colleges and dug wells. She respected scholars and artists a lot. She was the first female ruler of India.

Father Shams-ud-din Iltutmish was very proud of his daughter. He found all the qualities of a ruler in Razia. Therefore, his father gave him weapons training at an early age. Also imparted religious education. Since childhood, she was in the role of assistant to her ruling father. The father trusted Razia more than his sons. Although the Sultan declared the eldest son as his successor, he died at a young age. After this the Sultan declared Razia as his successor.

Didn't like Razia's throne

This thing displeased the Muslim rulers and allies. He did not want to see any woman on this throne. In such a situation, this path was not easy for Razia, but she was a brave woman. She used to go openly among the public. He had nothing to do with the practice of purdah. Razia also took part in wars along with her father. In such a situation, he was popular, but due to malevolent thinking and Muslim conservatism, there was opposition to making him Sultan. As a result, Razia's brother Rukhuddin Firoz was appointed the ruler of Delhi. But he could not rule and then with public support Razia became the Sultan of Delhi Sultanate.

Razia was born in Badaun

At that time his age was only 31 years. On 10 November 1236, Razia was formally installed on the throne of Delhi. Razia was born on 15 October in the year 1205 in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. His journey till he got the throne was very wonderful. She used to help her father in administration. In such a situation, influential people also knew Razia. In those days, marriages took place at very young ages. Women used to remain behind the veil, but this was not the case in Razia's case. In such a situation, many influential people wanted him to marry Razia. One of these was Bathinda's Governor Altooniya. When the Sultanate came into her hands, Razia started handing over responsibilities to trusted people. One of them was Yakut, who got the responsibility of the stable.

Whom did Razia like?

It is recorded at many places in history that Razia liked Yakut and at many places it is also found that he was her trusted ally. However, whatever may have been the relationship between the two, it was not liked by the court as well as outsiders because Yakut was not a Turk. Not even Altoona.

Seeing the opportunity, Altunia along with other governors attacked. Yakut was killed in this war. Razia was arrested. It is said that due to fear of being killed, Razia married Altunia. It is also written in many places that Altuniya was looking for an excuse for war, his real objective was to marry Razia.

Brother's capture of Delhi Sultanate

Meanwhile, Razia's brother Maizuddin captured the Sultanate of Delhi. After marriage, Razia along with Altunia attacked the Sultanate, but they did not succeed. Meanwhile, while returning to Kaithal, the army accompanying Razia-Altunia abandoned them and both of them were murdered. At some places in history it is written that he was murdered by Rajputs, while at other places it is written that when he left the soldiers, he met the bandits and they killed him. It is also written in many places that Razia was self-respecting and after being surrounded by enemies, she killed herself.

In this way, after ruling for a short time, an efficient empress was recorded in history. At the same time, due to being trapped in unrequited love, his rule did not last long and he did not even get her love. If she knows, that's different. In this way, Razia Sultan, who assumed power in the year 1236, died in the year 1240 but Razia's name became immortal as a Sultan ruler.

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