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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Thanks to PM Modi for giving statement in support of Israel: Jewish leader

Who knows how many people have lost their lives in the war between Israel and Palestine. The eyes of countries around the world are fixed on this war. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has supported Israel, for which the Indian-American Jewish leader has expressed gratitude to PM Modi.

The Prime Minister of India has openly supported Israel in the war between Israel and Palestine. Now an Indian-American Jewish leader has thanked PM Modi for his support. Nissim Rubin, assistant director of the Asia Pacific Institute of the American Jewish Committee in Washington DC, thanked PM Modi for strongly supporting Israel.

Director Nissim Rubin says that the Indian Jewish community in Israel has also been seriously affected by the Hamas attack. In such a situation, shortly after the attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi supported Israel and gave a strong statement. For this he is grateful to PM Modi.

PM Modi had talked to Israel's PM

Along with this, Nissim Rubin said that the very next day of the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had talked to PM Modi. Even in such serious situations, the two leaders talking to each other shows the relationship between the two leaders. While speaking to his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on phone on October 10, the PM said that in such difficult times, the people of India stand firmly with Israel. Along with this, the PM also strongly condemned terrorism.

Two female soldiers of Indian origin died in the war

Nissim Rubin has been working in Washington DC for the last 20 years. His work focuses on building partnerships in the US, Israel and Asia with India and the Indian American diaspora at the center. He told that Hamas terrorists killed two female soldiers of Indian origin. Both these women soldiers died while on duty in the war.

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