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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Tata-Maruti's interest in 'car crematorium', cars turn into dust in 3 hours

Have you ever seen the 'car crematorium', there is such a car crematorium in Noida, adjacent to Delhi, where the cars which were prepared after 35 hours of hard work turn into dust in just 3 hours. Not only this, Tata and Mahindra also have keen interest in it. Let us know about it...

'Car Crematorium', a place where cars are cremated. From welding to painting, the cars take 18 to 35 hours and the hard work of hundreds of employees to complete. Those cars are reduced to dust in just 200 minutes i.e. about 3 hours, but do you know that this is a business worth crores of rupees and big companies like Tata-Maruti are interested in it.

Actually, we are talking about vehicle scrapping center here, where useful items are removed from old cars and sent for recycling. The remaining steel grooves are sent to the steel industry to be re-melted and then cremated. This entire process is like a human being made of clay has to merge into the clay itself.

Vehicle scrapping policy has been implemented in India. Scrapping centers are opening at different places across the country. The government has given approval to open 72 such scrapping centers across the country, out of which 38 are already operational. All these vehicle scrapping centers are to be opened in 16 states and union territories. Of these, 34 are to be opened in Uttar Pradesh alone, 6 in Haryana, 5 each in Bihar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

How is a car cremated?

There is a complete process to incinerate a car in a scrapping centre. The work is done step by step and finally the car gets buried in the dust.

Car tires are removed first in the scrapping centre.

After this the engine oil and other liquid parts are removed from the car.

Then the airbags, battery, plastic items and glass of the car are removed.

All electrical devices from the car are removed and sent for recycling.

Then expensive metals like platinum, rhodium and palladium are separated from the car.

Now what is left is the steel groove, which is made flat by pressing it with a crusher. After this, this steel is sent to the steel industry for melting again.

Maruti-Tata is interested

Maruti Suzuki has opened one such car scrapping center in joint venture with Toyota Group in Noida, adjacent to Delhi. In this scrapping center spread over 3 acres, piles of cars ranging from Maruti's Alto to Hyundai Santro and Omni can be seen. Developing a scrapping facility for 10,000 cars annually costs around Rs 15 to 20 crores. These scrap centers are becoming a new boon for the auto industry. Companies are going to get many critical components from these places.

Not only this, Tata Group is also interested in these scrapping centres. One such scrapping center company has set up in Gujarat. Tata has planned to open scrapping centers across the country under the brand name Re.Wi.Re. Mahindra & Mahindra has also opened centers for converting vehicles into scrap. Mahindra Acelo has opened these centers under the brand name Cero. The company plans to create its presence in 100 cities. Rosmerta Company is setting up 10 such scrapping facilities at a cost of Rs 200 crore.

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