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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Navratri Foods: Eat these 3 healthy foods during Navratri, you will remain full of energy throughout the day.

Navratri Food: To give energy to the body during Navratri, the diet should be rich in nutrients. Here we are going to tell you about those foods, which will fill the body with energy even during fasting.

Navratri Health Recipes: Only a few days are left for the festival of Sharad Navratri. Let us tell you that the goddess is going to arrive from 15th October. During Navratri, Goddess Durga is worshiped by decorating pandals. To please Mother Goddess, most people also fast for 9 days. Many benefits of fasting have been described not only in religion but also in science.

For those who want to detox their body, fasting can be a better option. Apart from this, fasting can also prove to be very beneficial for people who want to lose weight. Health experts say that fasting does not mean that you should ignore your health. Even during fasting, you can take care of your body with a healthy diet. Let us know which foods eaten during Navratri provide energy to the body.


Sabudana is eaten not only during Navratri but during every fast. It contains carbohydrates in abundance, due to which it is called the power house of energy. Apart from this, sago is gluten free and is considered healthy for those who have gluten allergy. Besides this, Sabudana is easily digested. During the fast, you can make sago khichdi or kheer and eat it.

buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour is also known as buckwheat. It has many health benefits. Especially, the demand for buckwheat flour increases during Navratri fast. Many things like Vitamin B, minerals and iron are found in it. Dietary fiber is found in abundance in it, which also prevents frequent hunger pangs. Along with this, the glycemic index of buckwheat flour is low, due to which the blood sugar remains maintained.

Fox Nut

Makhana is also considered very healthy from health point of view. It contains high amounts of protein, fiber and vitamins, while the calorie count is low. Makhana is also considered very beneficial for people doing weight loss. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

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