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Monday, October 16, 2023

Navratri 2023: 5 Siddhapeeths of NCR, where all the sorrows of the devotees go away after seeing the Goddess.

During the 9 days of Navratri, not only by fasting, chanting and worshiping Goddess Durga but also by seeing her, the sorrows of the devotees are removed and their wishes are fulfilled. This is the reason why every devotee wishes to visit the holy court of Mother Goddess during Navratri. To know about the Siddhapeethas of NCR where one gets the desired blessings by doing darshan and worship, definitely read this article.

In the Sanatan tradition, the worship of Shakti is considered to bestow all happiness and it becomes even more successful when you do it with complete rituals during the 9 days of Navratri. According to Hindu belief, along with worshiping the Goddess during Navratri, her divine darshan is also considered very important. This is the reason why devotees of the Goddess reach her holy place in large numbers for her darshan. If you live in NCR or around the country's capital Delhi, then you must visit these 5 holy places for goddess worship and her darshan.

Shitala Mata Temple, Gurugram

The holy abode of Maa Sheetala is in Gurugram, just 16-17 km from Indira Gandhi Airport of the country's capital Delhi. This temple of Mahabharata period has a lot of recognition and is the family goddess of many people associated with Hindu religion. This is the reason why a huge crowd of devotees gather at this holy abode of Shakti during Navratri. People around this temple definitely come to the court of Mata Shitala to pay their obeisance to ensure that everything from Mundan, marriage and other auspicious works are accomplished without any hindrance. It is believed that any devotee who reaches the court of Mata Shitala for worship with devotion and faith, the Goddess bestows him with blessings of happiness, good fortune and health. Ashtami day in Navratri is special for the worship of Mata Shitala and on this day people reach this holy place in large numbers.

Pathwari Temple, Faridabad

Pathwari Devi temple, one of the many Siddhapeethas of Delhi-NCR, is located in Faridabad, Haryana. This temple, which is more than 400 years old, is worshiped as the family deity of the people living in Faridabad. According to Hindu belief, once in ancient times, when there was an epidemic in this area, Pathwari Devi appeared to a devotee and asked him to make an idol of her under a Peepal tree and worship her and especially to offer a fan. It is believed that after this, when the devotee worshiped the goddess in the same manner, the epidemic soon ended. It is believed that since then the people of this area have immense faith in Pathwari Devi. People come here in large numbers during Navratri to see the Pindi form of Mother Goddess in this temple of Goddess.

Jhandewalan Temple, Delhi

Jhandewala Mata is highly revered in all the Shaktipeeths of Delhi. There is a huge crowd of devotees in this temple of Mata not only during Navratri but throughout the year. This temple of the goddess is in Karol Bagh near New Delhi station. This temple of the goddess has a movable and immovable statue of the goddess. The ancient statue of the goddess is in the basement, while the new statue can be seen as soon as you enter the temple. Devotees of the Goddess believe that their wishes are fulfilled in the blink of an eye by having the darshan of the Goddess.

Kalkaji Temple, Delhi

The holy place of Maa Kalkaji is situated on a high mound in the Nehru Place area of ​​Delhi. This sacred seat of Shakti is considered to be of Pandava period. It is believed that before the Mahabharata, the Pandavas had come to this Devi temple and worshiped the Mother Goddess and sought boons for their victory. People not only from Delhi but also from nearby states come to this holy place of Goddess for darshan and worship. During Navratri, a huge crowd of devotees gather here. This temple of the goddess remains open even during solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. There are 12 gates to enter this temple of the Goddess, which are considered symbols of 12 zodiac signs or 12 months. It is believed that all the pains related to the nine planets are removed from the devotee who visits this temple.

Kalibari Temple, Delhi

Worship of the black form of Goddess Durga is considered to be of great importance during Navratri. In the country's capital Delhi, this sacred form of Mother is seen in Kali Bari. There are many temples of Mata Kali in Delhi, but among them, the Kali temples near Gol Market, Chittaranjandas Park and RKpuram and Mayur Vihar are highly recognized. People from Bengal reach this holy abode of Mata in large numbers for worship and darshan of Mata Kali.

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