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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Makeup Mistakes: Face becomes dull within 2 hours of applying makeup? Know the reason

Many times the face starts looking dull after some time of applying makeup. There can be many reasons for this. Don't you also face this problem? Let us tell you the important reason for this.

Nowadays most people know how to do makeup by themselves. But what is important is that its shine should last. It often happens with some people that their makeup gets dull with time or patches appear in it. For this reason many women become hesitant in applying makeup next time. Do you know what is the real reason for this? Actually this happens because people make some mistakes while doing makeup which later gets visible on the face.

To avoid many such mistakes, you will have to pay attention to some important things, which will help in making your look perfect. Know about them.

Not keeping makeup brushes and blender clean

While doing makeup, most of the women do not pay attention that their brush and blender can also get dirty. There is a risk of makeup becoming dull due to dirt. Clean makeup brushes every other week. The easiest way to clean it is to wash it with water. If you want, you can also keep the brush in water. However, do not do this for too long because it can damage the bristles.

Do not use primer

If primer is not used before applying foundation on the face, it can harm the final look. Due to this, the finishing will not be perfect and applying foundation directly on the face also harms your skin. Due to this, there may be a complaint of acne. It would be better if you avoid doing this.

Applying makeup with dirty hands

Sometimes women in a hurry make the mistake of applying makeup with dirty hands. Mixing of dirt with the product increases the risk of acne or pimples. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before applying makeup so that the makeup does not fade.

Lip shade should not be too dark

Dark lip shade is easy to carry but it is less liked these days. Too dark a shade can sometimes make the face look dull. It would be better if you choose nude or blooming lip shades for yourself.

Makeup fixer

Makeup setting spray is an important part of this process. It is often ignored but it can even spoil the look. Setting spray should be applied last. With this the makeup will last longer. It would be better if you include this in your makeup routine.

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