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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Make homemade scrub using these seeds, your skin will glow

Homemade Seeds Body Scrub: You can use seeds to remove dead skin cells. These seeds remove the tanning accumulated on your skin. Let us know here how you can use seeds to make a scrub.

Due to dust and pollution, dirt accumulates on the skin. In such a situation the skin gets tanned. Tanning tarnishes your beauty. In such a situation, it is very important to exfoliate to remove the tan accumulated on the skin. This also brings natural glow to your skin. You can also use seeds for glowing skin.

Preparing natural scrub helps you in keeping your face glowing and healthy. Which seeds can you use to make scrub? Let us know here in what other ways we can make scrubs.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds can also be used to make scrub. It is rich in antioxidant properties and vitamin E. These seeds are very beneficial not only for the skin but also for the hair. To make the scrub you will need sunflower seed powder, turmeric and honey. Mix these things and exfoliate the skin.

Mustard Seed Scrub

You can also prepare body scrub using mustard seeds. Mustard seeds have antioxidant properties. This thing also increases the moisturize level of the skin. To make this seed scrub, you will need mustard seeds, ginger, salt and coconut oil. Prepare a scrub by mixing the seeds with ground mustard seeds.

Flax seed scrub

Flax seeds are very good for skin and hair. Soak flax seeds in water overnight. Put these seeds in a blender and grind them. Mix some honey and lemon juice in it. Prepare a paste from these things. Now scrub the skin with this paste. This scrub helps in improving your skin.

Kiwi Seed Scrub

Kiwi contains Vitamin C. Apart from being tasty, Kiwi is also very healthy. Now you can prepare a scrub by mixing kiwi with sugar. Now exfoliate the skin with this. Kiwi helps in making your skin healthy and glowing.

Sesame seed scrub

Sesame seeds contain nutrients like Vitamin E and B. To make this scrub you will need some seeds. Add honey, ground almonds and oil to these seeds and mix well. Now apply it on the skin and massage the skin for some time and then clean it.

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