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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Know how you can lose weight by fasting, health expert told the perfect recipe

If you fast from time to time, it will not only improve your devotion but also your health. Know here which fasting pattern can be perfect for weight loss.

Navratri Fasting Health Benefits:  Navratri fasting is going on and many people are purifying their body and mind by fasting. If seen, fasting does not only have religious importance. You can improve your health by fasting. Health experts say that if fasting is observed from time to time, it helps a lot in weight loss and your metabolism also becomes better. Let us know what are the effects of fasting on health. 

Fasting boosts metabolism 

Fasting boosts a person's metabolism. During this time you eat less and your digestion increases. Health experts say that if you fast intermittently, it strengthens your digestion and speeds up the metabolic process. If you fast properly then fat starts melting from your body. Through strong metabolism, you can be successful in reducing your weight by fasting. 

Which fasting pattern is right for weight loss?  

Health experts say that there are many types of fasts. Many people do not eat anything the whole day and many people fast after eating for half the day. But fasting with 16/8 pattern is said to be better for weight loss. In this pattern, the person fasting fasts for 16 hours and can eat and drink for the remaining 8 hours. With this type of fasting, weight is controlled very quickly. Due to this, calories are consumed in the body for a fixed time and in the remaining hours, those calories are consumed and the body gets energy from the fat of the body.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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