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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Israel-Hamas War: People rely on 5G in Israel and 2G in Gaza, war broke the back of internet

Internet in Gaza Strip: Due to the ongoing war with Israel, Internet services have come to a standstill in Gaza Strip. You will be surprised to hear that people in Gaza still use 2G internet. At the same time, 5G connectivity is available in Israel like India. Let us see what is the condition of internet in Gaza.

More than 20 lakh people in Gaza Strip are currently cut off from the outside world. Due to the restrictions imposed by Israel, the supply of food and drink is stopped. Here people have also become dependent on internet service. Israeli attacks have destroyed Gaza's telecommunication infrastructure. Because of this, it has become very difficult for people to use the Internet. The surprising thing is that internet is also available in Gaza because 2G internet works there. In the era of 5G, having 2G internet is a matter of concern.

Actually, Gaza Strip is an isolated area from the world. Hamas has been in control here for the last several years. There are frequent conflicts between Israel and Hamas. That's why Israel has completely blocked this area. Due to strictness, Gaza is lagging behind in the field of internet technology. Now war has pushed it further back.

Internet crisis in Gaza

Israeli airstrike has caused a lot of damage in Gaza Strip. Two of the three main lines of Gaza have been damaged by these attacks. The level of internet connectivity in Gaza has dropped rapidly. Palestine Telecommunication Company provides telecom services in Palestine's West Bank and Gaza Strip. Some local internet providers are also present in Gaza.

Gaza dependent on 2G internet

There are two main telecom operators in Palestine. One is Palestine Telecommunication Company (Paltel), while the other is Ooredoo. They are responsible for providing mobile network service in the West Bank and Gaza Strip areas of Palestine. 3G also works in the West Bank, but Gaza is still functioning with 2G only.

Palestine is occupied by Israel, so it has control over everything here. Israel also controls Palestine's frequency and telecom infrastructure, and keeps mobile internet speeds low. This is the reason why Israel has moved from 4G to 5G, while the Gaza Strip is living on 2G.

5G connectivity in Israel

Talking about Israel, 5G internet works here. You can enjoy high-speed internet here. For your information, let us tell you that an agreement was signed between Israel and Palestine Authority (PA), under which it is proposed to start 4G mobile service in the West Bank and Gaza by the end of 2023. Looking at the current situation, it seems that it is unlikely that 2G fast internet will be introduced in Gaza.

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