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Thursday, October 12, 2023

India's $44 billion space economy rests on these 5 missions

After the success of Chandrayaan-3, India has made its own place in the world's space economy. After that, Aditya L-1 also included India among those select countries, which are now the world's biggest space powers. In such a situation, 5 space missions of ISRO are going to shape India's space economy in the next few years.

The world is now acknowledging the might of India's space agency ISRO. The first Mars mission which was successful in the first attempt. Then Chandrayaan-3 mission, which became the space mission to reach the south pole of the Moon for the first time in the world. And now everyone's eyes are on India's Gaganyaan mission.

All these missions of ISRO have opened a new economic sector for India, that is space economy. Its size is about 44 billion dollars, and the success of ISRO's missions strengthens India's claim in it. ISRO's commercial wing Antrix is ​​already operational.

ISRO launches satellites for many countries of the world. Because of this, it costs less for them to launch satellites from India. India also has a record of launching 104 satellites simultaneously, which was accomplished by ISRO. Not only this, ISRO placed those satellites in their different orbits with the help of the same rocket. In such a situation, to ensure that ISRO continues to thrive in the world space economy, the world is eyeing these 5 missions…

ISRO's upcoming missions

Gaganyaan: Not only India but the whole world has been waiting for this mission of ISRO for a long time. This will open new doors for ISRO in the space market, because this will be the first mission in which ISRO will send humans into space. However, this will be a test flight, in which there will be no crew yet.

ISRO plans to send three people into space. They will go 400 kilometers above the earth and after that they will have a safe landing in the Indian Ocean. When this happens, India will get a big market for human space missions around the world.

EXPOSAT: This is India's first polarimetry mission. With its help, India will study the dynamics of the source of X-rays in extreme conditions. This is an important mission used in the study of black holes. It will study more than 50 such cosmic bright sources.

Gaganyaan-2: This mission will be the second test flight. ISRO does not want to leave any stone unturned before sending astronauts into space.

NISAR: This is a joint mission of ISRO and NASA. With the help of this mission, both the countries will work to simplify the technology of remote sensing. This will also improve radar imaging.

Mangalyaan 2: This is also one of the planned missions of ISRO. But ISRO has not yet shared much information regarding its form and timeline.

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