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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Immunity Boosting Tips: These things are enemies of immunity, make the body weak

Do you know that we eat some things every day which weaken the immunity. This includes not only junk food but also sugar. Know about them...

Since the Corona period, people have become more conscious about immunity. Everyone wants his immunity to be strong. That's why people try to eat such things which can increase immunity. People think about what to eat to keep the immune system strong, but most of them do not pay attention to what are the things that bring down the immunity. In today's time, people prefer to eat junk food which harms the body.

Due to this, not only the stomach health deteriorates but the immunity also starts weakening. If you also fall ill again and again, then one reason behind this could be a weak immune system. To prevent it from becoming weak, stay away from these things.

excessive sugar

One becomes so addicted to sugar that without it one even starts having headache. Apart from tea, coffee, people also consume sugar through cold drinks or other things. There is a risk of swelling in the body due to its excessive consumption. This also leads to obesity. Sugar is prepared by refining. Therefore, it is no less than a threat to health. Sugar causes damage to immune cells.

caffeine habit

Addiction to tea or coffee also makes us sick. There is a risk of immunity going down due to the caffeine present in them. According to experts, excessive caffeine harms the body. One should not consume things containing caffeine about 4 hours before sleeping.

alcohol habit

Alcohol addiction can even prove fatal. The liver of people addicted to alcohol starts weakening. Immunity suffers a lot due to stomach related problems. Due to bad effect on immunity, we often remain ill. Try to give up the habit of alcohol or cigarette.

junk food

Be it adults or children, generally everyone likes to eat outside. Oily and spicy things are delicious but their continuous consumption makes us sick from within. Flour is used in everything which has no fiber at all. In such a situation, the stomach remains weak due to which the immune system also has to bear the loss.

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