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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Health: Do you wear socks while sleeping? If yes, then definitely know this

Many people like to sleep wearing socks to warm their feet at night, but often the elders in the house forbid it. Currently, a study has come out in this regard, in which it has been told that what effect does warming the feet have on sleep?

Everyone knows how important it is for health to have good sleep. Therefore, when someone has the problem of sleeplessness, then to improve the sleeping pattern, people follow many tips like cooling the room temperature, keeping distance from electronic devices (phone, computer and TV), buying a mask for the eyes, etc. We do. One of the most common ways to get better sleep is to warm your feet, whether that's placing your feet in warm water and lightly soaking them or sleeping with socks on. At present, most of the winter days, people often sleep wearing socks, but do you know what happens due to this.

You might have also heard elders saying that you should not sleep with socks on your feet. Now a recent study has come out about this which says something else. So let us know about this in details.

What happens if you sleep wearing socks at night?

According to some studies conducted at the National Sleep Foundation in Virginia, people who sleep wearing socks fall asleep faster and are able to sleep better and longer. Dr. Bikan Luo, a biomedical scientist from San Francisco, also shared her views on this matter and said that warming the feet while sleeping can help in getting better sleep.

According to Dr. Bikan Luo, if the feet are warmed while sleeping, some people may see positive results in their sleep. Actually, the reason behind this is that it gives relief to the lower part of your body and you are able to feel more relaxed. According to Dr. Luo, body temperature helps regulate the waking and sleeping cycles of a person.

How does warming feet improve sleep cycle?

According to Dr. Luo, when you warm your feet with a heating pad, foot spa or socks before sleeping, it dilates the blood vessels of the feet and improves blood flow in other parts of the body. The result is that it helps in reducing your body heat. Warming your feet while sleeping can be very beneficial for those people who do not have good blood circulation and have problems like numbness, tingling in their feet.

It is also important to take expert opinion

According to doctors, warming the feet can improve sleep, but its results may be different for every person because some people get better sleep by warming the feet while some may feel discomfort from it and He likes to sleep with cold feet. Therefore, if you take warmth in your feet on someone's advice to improve your sleep pattern, then you should definitely contact a doctor once and know what is the right body temperature for you to sleep better. Will remain.

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