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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Has Israeli agricultural technology increased the production of fruits and vegetables in the country?

You can cultivate any crop inside the net house in any season. According to agricultural experts, due to the controlled environment, you can cultivate vegetables grown in winter season like carrot, radish and cauliflower in the net house even in summer.

Israel is not only India's partner in the defense sector, but they also have good friendship in the agricultural sector. This is the reason why along with purchasing arms from Israel, India is also adopting new Israeli agricultural technologies. Due to this, the production of vegetables and fruits especially in India has increased. The special thing is that every year many farmers from India go to Israel for training at government expense. They learn new scientific methods of farming there. After this, they come to their village and do farming using the same method. You will find many farmers in the country, whose income increased due to the adoption of Israeli technology.

The biggest thing is that by adopting Israeli agricultural technology, not only the income of the farmers has increased, but the production has also increased at lower cost. Besides, wastage of water is also decreasing. So let us know today what is that Israeli technology, using which Indian farmers are earning bumper income.

adopting drip irrigation

More than half of the land in Israel is desert. Despite this, farmers there are cultivating fruits, flowers and vegetables using scientific methods. Gardening is being done here with less water. Because they are adopting drip irrigation. At the same time, many agreements have been signed between India and Israel to promote Israeli agricultural technology. Under these agreements, more focus is being given to protected farming in India. This is the reason why seasonal vegetables like cucumber, tomato, cauliflower, spinach, radish and carrot are now available in the market throughout the year. Whereas, earlier these vegetables were not available for years. Like earlier carrots and radish were available only in winter season. But due to protected cultivation, they are now being cultivated throughout the year.

Production of fruits and vegetables has increased

Actually, protected farming is a new technique of agriculture. Under this, especially vegetables and fruits are cultivated in a controlled environment. To do compact farming, farmers have to build a net house or green house on the land. Then, vegetables are sown inside it. The special thing is that the crops inside the Neta House are not affected by insects, sunlight, rain, heat wave, frost and cold wave. Besides, water consumption in irrigation is also less because drip irrigation is done in the net house. At present, vegetables and fruits are being cultivated in net houses and green houses in almost the entire country including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Jharkhand. Due to this, the production of fruits and vegetables has increased in the country.

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