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Friday, October 13, 2023

Chinese loan app's web is using objectionable photos

The web of Chinese loan apps is spreading. Recently it has been revealed that these Chinese loan companies hire software engineers to repay the loans and to make dirty photos of people. After which their real work starts. These software engineers use AI to morph people's photos.

People are finding it difficult to take loans from instant loan apps. Instant Loan App is colloquially called Chinese Loan App. Its web is spreading and people are even committing suicide after getting trapped in it. Recently a report has revealed that Chinese loan app companies are now hiring software engineers as agents for recovery. Not only this, they create nude photos of the borrower through AI and upload them on social media and start blackmailing.

After this they send it to their relatives, neighbors and friends. Recovery is made by blackmailing them. These Chinese loan companies are active in 14 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America including India. Till now in India, most of the people have committed suicide due to recovery from loan companies.

Using AI

Chinese loan companies are hiring software engineers for recovery. From which they then get nude photos and videos of people made. AI helps them in doing this work. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, making videos and photos of people becomes very easy. After this, loan app companies send these photos to people's relatives, friends, offices everywhere. They also blackmail the person taking the loan, saying that if he does not pay the money, they will defame him by linking his nude photo with someone else's.

If this didn't work then abuses were given

Loan giving apps resort to third party call centers for collection. In a recent documentary by BBC Investigation, the reality inside the call center has been shown in great detail. For this, a person who had worked in the call center was sent undercover. He worked in two call centers for about one and a half months. During this time the movement going on there was recorded. Investigation revealed that people working in call centers first of all talk affectionately. But this happens only two to three times. After that these people start abusing. According to BBC investigation, the call center owners even say that if they cannot repay the loan, then sell your sister. Sell the house. Sell the land. The HR of the call center in Noida where the BBC's secret camera reached Manager Vishal Chaurasia mentions going to any extent to collect the loan.

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