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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Are you also eating these vegetables too much, it may harm your health! know how

To keep the body healthy, it is advised to consume as much fruits and vegetables as possible. But there are some vegetables which eating too much can be dangerous for health. Let us know about them...

If you want to be healthy then stay away from junk food – you too must have heard this many times. Health experts also recommend eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible to keep the body healthy. But according to health experts, sometimes eating vegetables can be dangerous for health.

Vegetables contain many nutrients including vitamins, minerals and iron, eating which is considered very beneficial for health. But there are some vegetables which can cause many health problems if eaten in excess. Let us know about them…


There may or may not be some in the kitchen of every house, but potatoes will definitely be available. Not only vegetables are made from potatoes but many snacks are also made. But eating them in excess can be dangerous for health. Especially those who are worried about losing weight, they should avoid eating potatoes. Sweet potato can be eaten instead of potato.


Peas which are tasty in food, when consumed in excess, then it also causes harm to the body. If you are taking care of carb intake in your dieting plan, then consume peas thoughtfully. Although it is a good fiber source but it also increases your tummy.

Canned tomatoes

Some people like to eat canned tomatoes but it is not good from health point of view. Canned tomatoes contain high sodium, which can cause a lot of harm to you. Eat fresh tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes.


Actually, beetroot is considered very beneficial. It is a rich source of fiber. But diabetic patients should keep distance from it. Eating it in excess can increase blood sugar. Apart from this, corn has a high glycemic index. Due to which sugar can increase. Therefore, from now on you should also include vegetables in your diet carefully.

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