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Monday, October 9, 2023

10 years, 5 characters, not even a decade has passed since he entered the industry and Sayani Gupta has done a great job.

Happy Birthday Sayani Gupta: Sayani Gupta is one of the versatile actresses of the industry and the actress has proved herself in the last decade with her brilliant acting. His films do not look at the box office but are seen talking openly on many important issues of the society. Sayani has played many characters in her career which are powerful.

Sayani Gupta has not been in the industry for long but the actress has surprised everyone with her talent. Sayani played multiple roles within a short period of time. Such roles require a lot of courage to play. Such roles which are rarely played in the industry. But Sayani is known for her uniqueness.

Sayani was born on 9 October 1985 in Calcutta, West Bengal. He took acting training from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. After this Sayani started her career with SecondMarriage.com. But the year 2015 proved to be a big turning point in his career. After this Sayani never looked back. There are 5 such roles in the actress's career which enhance her personality. On the occasion of Sayani's birthday, let us know about some of her special roles.

1- Margarita with a Straw- This was the fourth film of Sayani's career and in this film she played the role of a blind girl. Also, in this film, work was done on many such layers of relationships which are sensitive. It is not easy to play such roles but his bonding with Kalki Koklan in the film was excellent.

2- Parched- Radhika Apte had the lead role in this film and Sayani played the role of Champa. At the very beginning of her career, she became a part of a controversial film. But the actress's role was also appreciated.

3- Article 15- Sayani Gupta played the role of Gaura in this film of Ayushmann Khurrana. Sayani took the depth of this role very seriously and her expressions became the life of the film. In the film, Gaura was seen pleading for justice for her sisters and Sayani excelled in this role.

Posham Pa Poster

4- Posham Pa- Although the name of this film may seem like the title of a child artist film, it was a very disturbing film. Sayani Gupta played the role of a serial killer in this film inspired by real life. The acting of Mahie Gill and Ragini Khanna along with him in the film was also appreciated.

5- Axon- Axon was a light film which was shot in Delhi area. The culture of Northeast India has been shown in the film. Sayani was in the lead role in this and was absolutely perfect. The role of Upasana played by her is the story of every girl who comes from far away places and has to survive facing any kind of prejudice.

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