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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Not Shahrukh, not even Atlee, who benefited the most from the success of 'Jawaan'?

Superstar Shahrukh Khan's Jawan's tune is being heard everywhere. This film is making huge collections across the country and abroad. The storm of the soldier is not showing any sign of stopping. But do you know who has benefited the most from the success of this film?

Superstar Shahrukh Khan's action-thriller film Jawan is making records one after the other in theatres. The pace of Jawan's earnings is once again gaining momentum over the weekend. Shahrukh Khan's film is getting immense love from the audience not only in the country but also abroad. Jaavan has been made by director Atlee and this is his fifth film as a director. After the record-breaking opening, the film has done excellent business even on the 10th day of its release.

On one hand, the makers are becoming a part of Jawan's success event. Gradually the news from Shahrukh to Nayanthara's fees has spread everywhere. It also became clear that Deepika Padukone did not take any money for this film. There has also been a lot of discussion on the fees of Shahrukh's girl gang. Overall, every member of the film has worked hard and the result of which they are getting in the form of great success of the film.

Who earned money from Jawan's success?

The noise of the young man's success is echoing all around. The film has earned Rs 439 crore so far in India. The film has reached close to Rs 800 crore worldwide. With every passing day, new records are being made in this film. You will be surprised to know that Shahrukh, Nayanthara and Atlee have not got a chance to earn money from the profit of this film. But there is someone who has earned the most from the success of this film.

Shahrukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi and Atlee have worked hard for Jawan. But someone else has got the maximum profit from it. According to the report, the person who has earned the most money from this film is none other than Shahrukh Khan's wife Gauri Khan. Gauri Khan is the producer of this film and due to this she is getting the maximum benefit from the success of this film.

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