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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

GK: How many countries of the world are ruled by people of Indian origin? Know all about

Exams like UPSC Main, UP PCS Mains and UP PET are going to be held soon. Focus on current affairs to prepare for these competitive exams. Here you can see questions and answers on big news related to the country and abroad.

To prepare for competitive exams, it is important to keep an eye on all the news in the country and abroad. In this episode, GK questions related to World News can be seen here. At present the command of eight countries of the world is in the hands of people of Indian origin. The latest election was held for the President of Singapore in which Indian-origin Tharman Shanmugaratnam won by a huge vote. He won this election by defeating two opponents of Chinese origin.

Tharman Shanmugaratnam

Tharman Shanmugaratnam has been elected the ninth President of Singapore. He replaced Halima Yakub, the eighth President of Indian origin. Tharman's grandfather had settled in Singapore from Tamil Nadu. His father Prof K Shanmugaratnam is considered the father of pathology in Singapore. He is seen with great respect in medical science not only in the country but also abroad.

Born on 25 February 1957, Thurman completed his studies from Cambridge. He is also called and considered as the policy maker of Singapore. Thermans are soft towards India. His belief about countries like China-America is that both should give up the arrogance that they are omnipotent.

Leo Varadkar

Leo Varadak, PM of Ireland, is originally of Indian origin. His father Dr. Ashok had gone to Ireland around 1960. His mother was a nurse. He was a native of Varad village in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. He has become Prime Minister for the second time. This family also came to their village in the year 2019.

rishi sunak

The family of UK PM Rishi Sunak was originally a native of Gujrawala in the Punjab province of undivided India. Now this place is in Pakistan. Rishi was born in Britain to Yashveer-Usha. This family first settled in Africa and then in Britain from Punjab around 1960. He met Infosys founder Akshata Murthy in the US during his MBA studies. Then both of them got married.

Antonio Costa

Portuguese PM Antonio Costa's grandfather Luis Afonso Maria de Costa was a native of Goa. Antonio was born in Mozambique. Many of his relatives are still living in Goa. Costa is called Gandhi of Lisbon. He was also the mayor of Lisbon for three terms. Has been on the post of PM since 2015. His parents were associated with writing.

Pravinda Jagannath

Aniruddh Jagannath, father of current Mauritius PM Pravind Jagannath, has also been PM and President several times. Foreign Yadav and Jhulai Yadav, ancestors of the Jagannath family, natives of Ballia, UP, had reached Mauritius as indentured laborers in the year 1873. Then this family remained here. The next generation made themselves rulers from laborers.

Wavel Ramkalavan

Wavell has been on the post of President of Seychelles since 2020. Kalavan's ancestors were residents of Barauli block of Gopalganj district of Bihar. 133 years ago, this family took a ship from Kolkata to Seychelles in connection with the salt trade and then remained there.

Chandrika Prasad Santokhi

The family of Santokhi, who was elected unopposed as the President of Suriname in the year 2020, is Indian. He had attracted the world's attention by taking oath in Sanskrit language. His father was an assistant at the port and mother in a shop. He is also called Chan Santokhi in Suriname. He was also a police officer. Later, when he started his political career, he became a minister and now he is the President. They have two adult children. In the year 2020 itself, he remarried to Melissa, a lawyer.

Dr. Mohammad Irfan Ali

Dr. Ali, who was installed as the President of Guyana in the year 2020, has connections with Kanpur and Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh. This year also Dr. Ali had come to Kanpur. He visited Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. He is known for warm relations with India.

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