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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Do you also have pain in your hip? This is the symptom of this dangerous disease, bones start melting

Avascular necrosis: People take the problem of hip pain lightly, but it can be a symptom of the dangerous bone disease avascular necrosis. Due to this disease, tissues start dying. Due to this the bones melt. After Corona, cases of AVN disease have increased rapidly.

If your age is less than 50 years and there is a complaint of pain in the hip, then do not take it lightly. This can be a symptom of avascular necrosis (AVN) disease. This is a dangerous disease in which bone tissue starts to die. If treatment is not given on time, then the bone also melts completely. The cases of AVN disease are increasing rapidly since the corona epidemic. Earlier this disease was seen in elderly people, but now people are falling prey to it only at the age of less than 40 years. In the orthopedic department of hospitals, the number of patients suffering from this disease has increased manifold in the last one year. There is pain in the hips due to AVN. It is important to detect the symptoms of this disease in time. If there is delay, hip replacement has to be done.

One such case has come to Max Hospital in Gurugram. Where a 36 year old patient had pain in his hips. Initially he ignored this problem. Gradually the problem started increasing and he started having difficulty in getting up and sitting. In this situation the patient came to the hospital. Investigation revealed that he had suffered from avascular necrosis disease. Due to which the hip bones could melt. In such a situation, the doctors have given a new life to the patient by performing total hip replacement surgery.

This disease starts occurring at an early age

Dr. SKS Marya, Chairman and Chief Surgeon of Max Hospital Gurugram, said that after the Corona epidemic, AVN disease has started occurring at an early age. A case has come to the hospital in which a 36 year old man had this disease. This is not a common disease but now its cases are increasing and its increase is being seen in the young population.

Hips are most affected

Dr. SKS Marya explains that the problem of AVN can occur in any part of the body, but it mostly affects the hip and knee joint. If a person is constantly suffering from pain in these parts of the body, do not take it lightly and see a doctor to know how serious the pain is. In such cases, avoid taking medicine on your own.

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