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Monday, August 21, 2023

You can walk with PM Modi to Nehru, know what is the specialty of Prime Minister's Museum

A gallery of all the Prime Ministers from PM Modi till now has been made in the Prime Minister's Museum. Success has been shown in his life and tenure. Here you can see the present as well as the future of the country.

The Prime Minister's Museum, built on an area of ​​15,600 square meters and a cost of Rs 306 crore, on Teen Murti Marg in Delhi, has been built using such technology, through which you can learn and see India's past. Not only this, here you can walk with PM Modi to Nehru and also get your picture taken. Earlier it was named Nehru Nehru Museum, which is now known as PA Museum.

Here a gallery of all the 14 Prime Ministers of the country has been made from PM Modi till now. A separate section has been made for each PM, where you can know the achievements of his tenure. Har Galati has been recreated with new technology, where one can also see his early political career and his successes. Retired Colonel Vijay Kumar, Chhibber told that here one can know the history and present of India. One can also see and understand the country's struggle and development so far.

Can see India's past

There is also a time machine in the museum, where you can travel in the past to know the history of the country. Here the tricolor has been made with kinetic LED lights. There is also a handwriting robotic machine here, which can take the signature of any PM by speaking.

Can see the future of India

Not only this, there is also a 60 helicopter ride zone in the PM Museum, where you can experience the future of India. During the ride you will be shown the future of India. You can also make a video by walking with 14 Prime Ministers including PM Modi.

This is also the specialty of PM Museum

You can know about the Parliament of the country and its work.

More countries can know about the partition of the country.

The country can see the bedroom and sitting room of the country's first PM Nehru.

You can also see the famous gifts received by all the PMs from all over the world till now.

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