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Friday, August 25, 2023

Will Congress win the battle of 2024 like this? This is the preparation to fix each nail and thorn in the media wing

The Congress party, which is preparing for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, is now engaged in the exercise of improving its media department as well. The party is making a strategy on issues such as announcement of official spokespersons, uniform opinion across the country and providing content to spokespersons.

The Congress party has geared up for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In view of this, the Congress has now started preparing to give an edge to its media department as well. For this, along with the new strategy, the party is also going to officially announce the spokespersons. This list of Congress spokespersons has also been sent to party chief Mallikarjun Kharge for approval.

According to the latest strategy of the Congress to fix the nails and thorns of its media department for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the party is going to take the following steps-

- The party is going to emphasize on synergy between the Center and the State, so that the Congress has the same opinion on any issue across the country.

- A team will be formed at every level for coordination from center to state, state to district and district to block level.

- At the central level, a team will also be constituted for coordination between media and social media in the party's war room.

- With accountability, 40 state-wise social media coordinators have been appointed. Along with this, more professionals will be kept in social media. A team of professionals will prepare content for different platforms of social media and the other team will decide which content should be put on which platform.

- The help of like-minded professionals will be taken from the backdoor to provide content to the spokespersons of the Center and the State.

Congress party's social media chief Supriya Shrinate surrounded BJP while answering the question raised on this strategy of the party. He said that BJP's strategy is little gram, baje ghana hai. We are raising road issues, public issues on media and social media. Earlier we were liberal, now we are aggressive and by being aggressive we are exposing the lies of Modi ji.

Apart from this, the party has decided that it will remain with an aggressive attitude. For example, BJP refused to send a spokesperson in front of Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma, while Congress refused to send its spokesperson in front of BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia and RSS supporter Sangeet Ragi.

A panel of the party will keep an eye on the media

Not only this, the party will also constitute a panel which will keep an eye on the media. Those driving the agenda will be boycotted and alternative media will be used instead. In this regard, a final decision will be taken after collective discussion in the meeting of Team India alliance in Mumbai. That is, a committee will also be formed for coordination within Team India.

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