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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Which facial is right for which skin, how to choose? don't get fooled by the parlor

To look different on Raksha Bandhan, you can do facials on the skin. But before doing this, it should be known that which facial will be right on your skin type. Try these methods instead of falling prey to the parlour.

Outfit or good fashion sense may help in looking attractive, but glowing skin works to enhance beauty. Many methods are tried to make the skin glowing. This includes not only the use of expensive products but also natural skin care home remedies. Facial is the best method for skin care. By the way, the festival of Rakshabandhan is going to come soon. In such a situation, you can try facials to brighten the face.

But before trying this trick, it is important to know which facial is suitable for which skin. Instead of falling in the trap of the parlour, choose facials according to your skin type. Learn.

normal/dry skin

If your skin is normal or dry, then deep cleansing, moisturizing massage and steam facial should be tried for this. By doing facials in this way, the extra dirt present on the skin will be removed. Opt for a moisturizing mask for hydration. People with dry skin should avoid excessive exfoliation ie scrubbing.

combination skin

Those who have combination i.e. oily and dry skin, then they should do facials using mild products. People of this type should try facials or other skin care things or remedies according to the advice of experts.

oily skin

Due to extra oil coming on the skin, dirt and excess moisture in the air, pimples or acne occur. People with oily skin should choose such products for facials which have more natural extracts. Apart from deep cleansing, face mask, also use protective serum.

sensitive skin

People of this skin type should ignore the step of exfoliation in facials. Also choose such a massage which can be done very comfortably. Apart from this, choose such products in which the elements of green tea are present because by doing this the skin can be repaired from inside.

Also know the types of facials

Various types of facials are done for glowing face or glowing skin. These include Classic Facial (Dry Skin), Aromatherapy Facial (Normal/Dry Skin), Anti-Aging Facial (All Skin Types), Pearl Facial (Oily Skin) and Gold Facial.

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