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Saturday, August 26, 2023

This game is being played by AI bots by stealing people's selfies on X (Twitter), don't make this mistake

Twitter AI Bots: A report has come out in which more than 1000 AI bot accounts have been found active on Twitter, which are motivating people to invest in fake cryptocurrencies.

AI Bots on Twitter : Some researchers from Indiana University have released a report regarding Twitter, in which they have told about 1,140 AI bots accounts active on the platform. Researchers have named them "Fox8". Actually, people are being motivated to invest in fake cryptocurrencies through these AI bots accounts. Along with this, selfies of different people have been posted in these accounts so that it seems that these are original accounts. According to the NYP report, all these bot accounts use hashtags like #bitcoin and #crypto to interact with human accounts. The content of these accounts is prepared with AI tools only and through this they fool people.

This account is spreading wrong information on Twitter

In addition to promoting fake cryptocurrencies, Fox8 botnet accounts are spreading misinformation on a variety of topics, including elections and public health issues. Posts are also being posted continuously through these accounts so that human accounts can interact with them and they can get trapped. These bot accounts also interact with each other to prove themselves real and everyone has some or the other followers on their account so that the common user feels that this account is real.

Twitter removed all bot accounts 

As soon as this report was sent to Twitter, the company removed all 1,440 bot accounts from the platform. However, the company has not made any comment in this regard. Let me tell you, Elon Musk is insisting on verification to reduce bots from Twitter because in this way bots can be controlled in this AI era. Due to the availability of Chat GPT and other AI tools, creating such accounts has become very easy these days and people are taking advantage of this.

If you are also active on Twitter, always reply to any message or click on the link carefully. To know the bot account, go to its profile and see all the posts etc. Whether an account is bot operated or not, you will also get to know by talking to it. 

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