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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

This fake medicine for diabetes can be fatal, are you also not using it?

Diabetes fake medicines: In the last few years, the demand for diabetes medicines has increased a lot. There are many medicines available in the market to control this disease, but meanwhile the sale of fake medicines has also started. The World Health Organization has expressed concern over this.

There is a tremendous jump in the number of patients suffering from diabetes all over the world, according to a study, every 30th person of the world's population is suffering from diabetes. The demand for effective Glucagon Like GLP 1RA drug in the treatment of type 2 diabetes has increased considerably. The demand for this drug has increased unexpectedly across the world including India. After the year 2022, its demand has increased a lot in social media and online market. On one hand, the demand for medicine is increasing rapidly, on the other hand, fake medicines for its treatment are also making diabetes patients more ill. Fake medicines of GLUCAGON Like GLP 1RA medicine are being sold in the market. The World Health Organization is also concerned about this, a few days ago the World Health Organization had informed the Drugs Controller General of India about this worrying situation spreading rapidly across the world including India.

Drugs Controller General of India Rajiv Singh Raghuvanshi of the Union Ministry of Health has written a letter to all the Drugs Controllers, Druggists, Chemists and Drugs Regulation Section in this regard, directing them to ban the purchase and sale of this medicine. DCGI has issued an advisory to medical practitioners and doctors across the country, saying that if needed, prescribe the alternate of this medicine to the patients and avoid any reaction (ADR- adverse drug reaction) caused by the spurious medicine of GLP 1RA. give advice.

Advisory issued

DGCA has also issued advisory for patients suffering from diabetes. It is said that such patients should be careful - buy GLP-1-RA only from proper bill and authorized store only. Further, DGCA has directed the regulatory authorities (Drug Controllers of all States/Union Territories and all Regional Offices of CDSCO to have their officers closely monitor the distribution, stock of the said drug products in the market, collect samples and Accordingly, an order has also been issued to initiate necessary action.

DGCA has said that diabetes patients should be careful while buying medicine and if the doctor has prescribed this medicine, then take this medicine only from a big hospital or medical store. If there is any problem after taking the medicine, consult a doctor.

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