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Monday, August 21, 2023

Online Shopping Alert: Hey Baap Re! Danger in cash on delivery too, do online shopping by saving money

OTP Scam: If you are fond of online shopping then this information is useful for you. There can be a danger in cash on delivery too, take special care of these things during online shopping.

If you also do online shopping every day and take the option of cash on delivery for fear of scams, then be careful. In fact, according to some reports that have come these days, cash on delivery has also not been that safe option. Scammers enter the market with a new trick every day and leave no stone unturned to get money from the customers. Now you must be thinking that what would be the scam in cash on delivery? If the goods are wrong, they will not give money, but let us tell you that scammers probably think more than you think. Scammers are now adopting a new method to cheat users.

What is the danger in cash on delivery?

Nowadays, such products reach some users in which the delivery boy claims that you have ordered this item. On the other hand, if you refuse to take the goods and do not give the money, then the delivery boy asks to call customer care, after which he asks to cancel the order. When you call to cancel the order, the person in front asks you to give an OTP. When you share OTP, all the money is withdrawn from your bank.

Be careful in online shopping

1. Whenever you do online shopping, do it from the official platform. If anyone asks for OTP by calling or sharing the link, do not give it to him.

2. If the situation mentioned above happens to you, then keep in mind that if you have not ordered any product, then you will not get it canceled. Ask the person who has brought the product to cancel it himself. In such a situation, you can also go to the local police station and get an FIR done.

3. If the goods have come from platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and you find any problem, then immediately talk to customer support.

Note that do not share OTP to any link or unknown person. This can put your hard earned money at risk and you can lose all your money.

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