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Monday, August 28, 2023

Now there will be no crowd, no pushing… Darshan will be done easily in Banke Bihari temple, know how?

Banke Bihari Temple of Mathura will be expanded. For this, a project of five crore rupees has been prepared. Three companies have also filled the tender. Work will start in the temple premises as soon as it is approved by the committee. Let us know what are the works to be done in the temple premises?

The crowd of devotees in Mathura's Banke Bihari temple is increasing day by day. Various arrangements are being made to handle the crowd, but these are proving to be insufficient. Due to the crowd of devotees, the place for darshan is getting smaller. From the police-administration to the temple committee, there is a problem in handling this. Keeping this in mind, a project of 5 crores is being prepared. Three companies have also filled their tenders to take up this project. At present, the committee team is doing the survey. Further decision will be taken after the survey.

Let us inform that 5 years ago in 2019, a committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Chief Justice of Mathura. City Magistrate, CO Sadar, Executive Engineer of Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority and OSD of Home Department were also included in this committee. Under their supervision, a two-storey building was to be constructed at a cost of about Rs 7 crore in 400 square yards of land attached to gate number three of the temple, but due to some reason this work was stopped.

The work was going on earlier also, why did it stop?

In the proposed work of seven crore rupees, it was proposed to have a one-storey hall, as well as the work of temple office and waiting room etc. on the second floor. The responsibility of its construction was given to the State Construction Corporation, but due to some technical fault, this work was stopped and after that the organization of the State Construction Corporation was blacklisted.

These departments presented their survey report

Now once again the work of expansion of the temple is being discussed to control the crowd. This time a project worth five crore rupees has been prepared, in which half-built hall, expansion of Thakur Banke Bihari temple, etc. will be done.

In this work, Public Works Department, Building Block, Agra, Jal Nigam's executive agency, CNDS and Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad, after surveying the temple, submitted their respective report proposals. If this work starts on time, then the devotees will not face any problem in the coming days. At the same time, the temple committee along with the police-administration will also get relief.

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