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Friday, August 25, 2023

Mathura: In the encroachment dispute, Railway said in SC – that part has already been demolished

The Supreme Court has not extended the ban on anti-encroachment action at present. The court had stayed the demolition work ten days back. Answer was sought from the Railways. Railways said that many of the identified houses have been demolished. In such circumstances, there is no merit in the petition.

A hearing was held in the Supreme Court today regarding the removal of encroachment on railway land in Mathura. The court had stayed the anti-encroachment action here for ten days. The court had issued an order to maintain the status quo. The period of ten days under this order is ending tomorrow. Railways had filed an affidavit in the court on the matter of encroachment. On this, the court said that there is no need to continue the order of status quo, as the petitioner is not living at the place where the demolition was done.

The Supreme Court had sought answers from the Railways regarding the anti-encroachment action. In the affidavit filed by the Railways, it has been said that the encroached part on the railway land has been demolished. It is further stated that in such a situation the writ is infructuous. Remember that the status quo order expires tomorrow. Currently not extended.

Ban on anti-encroachment action not extended

There was a demand to stop the bulldozer action on the houses of railway land encroachers in Nai Basti near Krishna Janmasthan. On this, the Railways filed an affidavit in the court. In response, the Railways said that the part encroached on the Railway land has been demolished. Therefore, there is no justification for the application filed in the Supreme Court. In fact, in the last hearing, the Supreme Court's order to maintain status quo in the matter is expiring tomorrow, which has not been extended by the Supreme Court today.

Bulldozer running on encroachment near railway line

The Supreme Court will hear the case again on September 1. In fact, on August 14, JCB ran over the encroachment houses on the railway line. During this, 75 houses were demolished till evening. Whereas, out of 135 identified houses, 60 were demolished on 9 August. The rail line connecting Mathura to Vrindavan is currently meter gauge. Rail service has been stopped on this for the last several years. People have built pucca houses on both sides of the line. Railway is now going to make this line broad gauge. Railways gave notice thrice to the people living there to vacate their land, but it had no effect on them.

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