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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Made in a budget of 5 lakhs, this is Bollywood's first film to earn Rs 1 crore


New Delhi: For the past few years, the scale of measuring the success of a film in Bollywood has become the earning of a film. How fast the film earns 100 crores and after that how far it moves club by club. The film which earns 100 crores in the first weekend is considered successful. But this was not the case till a few years ago. Not at all in the early days of Hindi cinema. Then films were made in a low budget. Most of the films used to earn well. One such film was made 80 years ago which set new records of earning.

Earned 1 crore made in 5 lakhs

This film was the film Kismat starring Ashok Kumar. This is the first film of Hindi cinema which had touched the figure of 1 crore in terms of earnings. The film was released in the year 1943. Ashok Kumar used to be the star of that black and white era. Actress Mumtaz Shanti was with him in this film as well as some actors like Mehmood Ali were also seen. It is said that this film was made in that period for Rs 5 lakh and touched new dimensions in terms of earning, seeing which the makers of that era were surprised.

This record was also recorded

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The name of the film is not only the record of being the highest grossing debut film. There is another record that this film made in its name. This film also holds the title of running for the longest time in theatres. This was the first film of Hindi cinema which remained in the theater for three whole years. For three years, this film kept getting a good number of viewers. This was the first film to run for three years in Kolkata's Roxy Cinema.

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