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Saturday, August 26, 2023

If you eat momos with great enthusiasm, then be careful, these can be serious diseases

People who eat momos with great gusto need to be very careful now. This is being said because this street food can cause many diseases.

Momos Health Risk: From nook of the street to any side of the road or in big markets, you will see carts or carts of momos. This is one such street food, which has become increasingly popular. Be it children or adults, everyone likes to eat momos. Anytime you go to the momos cart, you will definitely find a crowd. But this street food which tastes good can prove to be dangerous for the body. 

If you also eat momos, then you need to be a little careful. Even though you may find it very tasty, it can cause many diseases. These diseases can bother you so much that you may get hospitalized. Let us tell you today how momos can become the enemy of your life. 

Piles: The chutney that is served with momos. She is very sharp. This is dangerous for our health, because because of this we can get piles. The digestion process of the stomach is also affected due to this spicy chutney. 

Diabetes: A substance called pancreas is used to make momos soft, which is very harmful for our health. Insulin hormone is not secreted properly due to pancreas, which calls for the risk of diabetes. 

Cancer: One of the most dangerous diseases in the world, cancer can also be caused by momos. Monosodium glutamine (MSG) used to increase the taste of momos is not good for the body. Due to this, diseases like cancer can occur. 

Weakening of bones: Maida and refined flour are used in momos. Momos made of fine flour, when consumed, weakens the bones of the body. Flour absorbs calcium in the body. 

Obesity: The flour through which momos are made contains starch. Starch is known as a substance that increases obesity. Flour is also responsible for increasing cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood. 

Heart disease: The schezwan chutney of momos that you eat with gusto, contains a lot of sodium in it. Due to this the blood pressure increases. As soon as there is a problem of BP, problems related to the heart will also surround you.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or related expert.

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