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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Health: Take care after periods stop, doctor may have told these serious diseases

After the period cycle stops at the age of 45 to 50, there are many changes in the body of women, the doctor told that due to this, the risk of serious diseases including heart disease increases in women.

Increasing diseases in women are really a matter of concern and this risk becomes even more in increasing age. Whereas post-menopause means the phase of cessation of menstruation. After the age of 45 to 50, there is a risk of developing many serious diseases along with heart disease in women. Apart from this, there are many factors like stress, social pressure, which cause physical and mental diseases in women. Doctors advise women to keep getting regular checkups done. Special care needs to be taken after menopause. Negligence in eating and drinking or not paying attention to mild symptoms can be very serious.

After the cessation of periods, it becomes necessary for women to take even more care of their health because according to doctors, after this age, women may have some serious diseases, which can lead to death if not detected on time. It also becomes a risk. So let's know from the doctor.

These can be serious diseases

After the stop of periods, there are some diseases in women, which are not even known and by then the seriousness of the disease has increased a lot. Dr. Chanchal Sharma of Asha Ayurveda says about this that after the cessation of periods, women with heart diseases including sugar, asthma, osteoporosis (bone related problem), breast cancer (breast cancer), rasauli (lump formation in the uterus) , Serious diseases like this are quite common.

What is the reason

According to Dr. Chanchal, due to mental problems such as excessive stress and social pressure, there can be hormonal changes in women. Because of which the risk of diseases starts increasing in them. Doctors say that apart from the physical health of women, it is also very important to have good mental health. Mental diseases like depression can also affect the health of women.

Diet should be taken like this

Talking about diseases that flourish in women, it is very important to take healthy fat to avoid heart diseases. For which one can start eating things like fruits, whole grains, dry fruits. Along with this, bone diseases are seen in this age, so dairy products should be included in the diet so that calcium deficiency can be fulfilled.

Doctors give this advice

Along with getting regular checkups done, women should adopt a healthy lifestyle. Make regular exercise, yoga a part of your daily routine along with a healthy diet. With this, you will be saved from the dangers of not only physical but also mental diseases.

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