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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Hair does not fall due to old age, know what is the science of hairfall

Hair fall depends on their life cycle, every hair has an age, it completes it, there is a whole science behind it, according to which the life cycle of hair is determined. If the hair falls beyond a certain limit then it is a matter of concern.

Worry increases when hair falls, sometimes people hide it by changing hairstyle and sometimes by applying fake hair. There are some people who take its treatment. Some people benefit from it and some do not, because there is a whole science from hair growth to hair fall. Which completely depends on our body and skin.

Experts believe that it is normal to lose 50-60 hairs in a day, because hair has a life cycle, after which it is bound to fall out, normally the number of hairs that fall out is equal to the number of hairs that grow back in a day. , But if the number of hair fall is increasing continuously then it can be a matter of concern.

what is the life cycle of hair

Hair goes through three stages in its lifetime. The first phase is anagen in which hair growth takes place, the second phase is catagen in which hair growth stops after certain growth, and the third phase is telogen phase, in which hair that has stopped growing becomes weak and falls off. According to hair expert Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, this process continues forever.

Anagen: This is the process of hair growth and development. Which can be from 4 to 7 years in different person. People in whose hair the anagen process goes on for a long time, their hair grows quickly and remains healthy. Hair grows about one centimeter per month.

Catagen: After the anagen process, the hair enters the catagen process, this phase lasts only for a week. That is, after the hair growth stabilizes, the hair does not last long and goes into the third phase ie telogen.

Telogen: In simple language it can be called aging of hair, in which the process of hair fall starts. Normally 50-60 hair fall is a normal process of telogen, but hair fall more than this means that the hair is getting old after crossing the first two phases.

How to know if it is a matter of concern now?

There is confusion in many people whether hair is falling or not, they keep looking at the mirror for hours, such people can know from three symptoms whether their hair is really falling or not.

1. If the hair fall very fast and the back of the head suddenly looks empty.

2. The second stage is hair fall from the middle, that is, you can see the scalp, there should be no pattern. Hair starts falling from anywhere in the head.

3. When you start getting a lot of broken hair while bathing in the bathroom, in bed or on clothes, then understand that you are suffering from excessive hair loss.

These are the reasons for hair fall

The biggest reason for hair fall is stress, apart from this, hair fall increases rapidly even after illness, trauma, surgery. Being thyroid, hair breaks fast even in hormonal imbalance. Apart from this, when there is a deficiency of nutritional elements in the body. For example, vitamins, D, A, E are not available, or many times we take unbalanced food due to dieting, then the chances of becoming a victim of hairfall increase.

Beauty comes from inside

Of course, it can be said about hair that with such and such oil, or with such and such shampoo, hair becomes healthy or falls, but this is not 100% true. Hair experts agree that its partial effect is needed, but the science of hair loss says that it completely depends on our body, because hair roots need nutrition. Our body itself takes this nutrition to the roots of the hair.

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