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Monday, August 28, 2023

Big disclosure after the success of Chandrayaan 3, 45000 jobs were created in the country like this

Ever since Chandrayaan has been successful, the youth of the country are very keen on jobs in the space industry. Even in Google, space jobs remained in trend. In such a situation, a note by ISRO has become the subject of much discussion.

The celebration of Chandrayaan 3's success is not over yet. The whole country is drenched in this celebration. After the success of Chandrayaan, now other aspects are being discussed. Internet searches for the word 'space' in India peaked at 6:30 pm on August 23 (26 minutes after Chandrayaan-3's moon landing), according to Google Trends. Along with 'space', search keywords like 'space jobs', 'ISRO jobs' and 'space careers' also peaked around 23-24 August. This means that Chandrayaan 3 has forced thousands of Indians, mostly students, to think about making a career in the space industry.

The surprising thing is that there has been a big disclosure in the recent note of ISRO. He has said that thousands of jobs have been created in the country due to the activities going on from ISRO and the private sector associated with it. It is clear that more jobs can be generated in the Indian private space sector due to the success of Chandrayaan 3. According to experts, there are more than a dozen companies and more than 500 small medium enterprises in the country which are engaged in the business related to defense and aerospace. ISRO is currently working on more space missions or is about to start. In such a situation, more jobs are going to come in this sector. Let us first discuss the note of ISRO, in which it has talked about job creation.

ISRO gave a big statement on jobs

According to the report of Financial Express, there is no updated report on how many jobs the space industry provides in India. At the same time, ISRO recently said in a note that due to its continuous activity and missions, an ecosystem has been created with more than 500 MSMEs, PSUs and large private industries. India is making a significant contribution to the space program. ISRO further said in its note that the participation of industries in space activity has created jobs for about 45,000 people in the country. Many sectors like defense production, telecom, material, chemical and engineering have benefited a lot from this.

There are a lot of jobs in these industries

Professor Arun Kumar of IIT Jodhpur says in the FE report that apart from ISRO, there are many jobs in the space industry due to the arrival of new-age start-ups. He said that the private sector offers a lot of opportunities, including satellite manufacturing as well as developing apps like space software. He said that students should remember that jobs which are suitable for space industry are also suitable for missile, radar and defense sector. If they are not able to get jobs in space industry, then there will be many more jobs in related industries.

Jobs abroad

A placement expert who spoke to FE said that since sepas is a growing industry, there are jobs in dozens of countries. He said that according to our research, there are 77 space agencies across the world and 16 of them have launch capabilities. If you have one or two extra skills – like knowing a foreign language – you can work anywhere in the world.

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