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Friday, August 25, 2023

Bharat NCAP: For 5-star rating in crash test, the vehicle will have to score this much

Bharat NCAP: Now the car will be crash tested in India itself, in which the vehicle will have to score this much to get a 5-star rating. Know here that after all, how many numbers will have to be brought by the car to get a 5 star rating and if the score is not there, the car will fail in the crash test.

Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has officially launched India NCAP crash test program in the country on 22 August, which will start in India from 1 October. That is, instead of depending on abroad for the safety testing of the car from October 1, the safety rating will be available in the country itself. With this, the car manufacturers in the country will be able to get the safety test of their cars done in the country itself. Now the question comes that how much score the car will have to get to get 5 star rating otherwise the car may fail during testing. Here we will tell you how many scores are required for a car to get a 5 star rating.

Through this program, India has become the 5th country after America, Japan, China and South Korea to set up an in-house car testing agency. India is at number three in terms of car market worldwide. In such a situation, an agency like Bharat NCAP will help in increasing the quality of the car and awareness among people about safe vehicles will increase.

This much score is required for 5 star rating

1. According to reports, India NCAP has received requests for crash test ratings of more than 30 car models. To give safety rating to the car in India NCAP, the same process will be followed as is done in crash testing of vehicles in Global NCAP.

2. It is possible that India NCAP may be different from Global NCAP in some cases. In Global NCAP, front impact testing is done by driving cars at a speed of 64 km / h.

3. In this, the car needs to score a minimum of 34 numbers to get a 5-star safety rating, which includes 16 numbers for front crash test, 16 for side impact and 2 for seatbelt reminder.

4. In India NCAP, to get a 5-star rating, a vehicle needs to score a minimum of 27 points in adult safety and 41 points in child safety.

5. For Bharat NCAP, the front crash test will be done at 64 km/h, side 50 km/h and pole-side impact test at 29 km/h.

If any car maker is not able to achieve the above mentioned score, then its car will be considered failed in crash testing.

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